Professional Personnel 

The partners maintain contact with the firm's clients including consultation over important issues.  The partners are also responsible for supervision of the staff and establishment of the policies of the firm.  The engagement partner performs a final technical review of all working papers and audit reports prior to issue.  A partner possesses extensive technical and management experience.

Auditing And Accounting Services

Audit Manager
Audit managers have at least five years of auditing experience.  The audit manager is responsible for completing engagements and may oversee two or more engagements simultaneously.  The audit manager reviews working papers, financial statements and reports.  Additionally, the audit manager directs the senior and staff auditors, reviews and approves work place programs and ensures that assignments are carried out on a timely basis.  The audit manager follows the progress of the engagements and helps resolve accounting, auditing and reporting issues.

Senior Auditor   
The senior auditor has at least two years of auditing experience and performs most examinations with a minimum level of supervision.  The senior auditor directs the work of staff auditors, instructing them in the work they performed, reviewing completed working papers and directing  revisions.  The senior auditor is also responsible for preparation of audit report.

Staff Auditor
The staff auditor performs specific audit procedures under the direction of the senior auditor.  The staff auditor performs testing and other auditing review procedures.  Additionally, the staff auditor prepares working papers that adequately document procedures performed and substantiated conclusion reached.  The staff auditor also assists in the preparation of audit reports.


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