Business Advisory Services

Since 1983, Tichenor & Associates, LLP and its personnel have successfully provided business advisory services for federal and state contractors and grantees. These organizations include for-profit and not-for-profit organizations, federal, state and local government entities. Tichenor & Associates, LLP has experience in performing many different business advisory services for these organizations. These organizations range in size from small business contractors to Fortune 1000 contractors; and not-for-profit organizations that are small grantees to large nationwide grantees.

Types of Business Advisory Services

  • Accounting and Financial Management Systems
  • Financial Capability
  • Cost Estimating Systems
  • Payroll/Time Reporting Systems
  • Procurement Systems
  • Estimating Systems
  • Government Owned Property Systems
  • Billing and Invoicing Services
  • Financial Policy Procedures, Practices and Internal Controls
  • Cost Proposals for Budgeting Costs and/or Direct and Indirect Cost
  • Cost Submissions for Incurred Costs or Costs to be Incurred
  • Compliances Surveys Ensuring Compliances with Contract/Grant Requirements
  • Prepare Provisional Rate and Final Rate Submissions
  • Prepare Change Orders and Request for Equitable Adjustments
  • Prepare Termination and Assist in Claims

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